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We have been established in France since 2011 and have invested in various fields, including clean energy, and our main goal is to save the earth from fossil fuel pollution. Our company also works in the field of organic products, which today is very important to organic food.
We also work in the field of online stores and advertising sites. We also have a strong team in the field of technologies that make it easy to do business, so I decided to enter the field of digital currency (France REV Finance). We will strive to advance our digital currency and create a new financial world. We always are and will always be.

We work in the field of clean energy Our goal is to teach people to work to save the earth and to know that the use of clean energy helps a lot to save the earth. We do not think it would be interesting to leave Earth for Mars. We must work to save the earth.

  • Profitable Investment
  • Future financial transactions
  • Best secure Money
  • Very low risk of hacking
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FRF  Roadmap

From concept to launch public

FRF Concept
Feb 2022
Apr 2022
Legal Review

Ico Design
Jul 2022
Jan 2022
Private Tokens
Public Release
Oct 2022

Liquidity FRF Token

Liquidity is locked until 2029

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